Smart Shopping for Clothes Online

Searching through the best fashion retailer and fashion news and trend websites can help you find the best clothes for 2020, the perfect sizes and ways to keep costs down. Many brand websites are great and reliable places to find new fashionable clothing. ASOS is an example of a successful online retailer. Using ASOS Marketplace is a great way to discover edgy and retro second-hand clothes at a low cost. Plus, they also provide a 10% student discount. Another popular brand Misguided sells high-quality women’s fashion and is a leader in promoting new and in vogue clothing. For men’s fashion, Topman is a popular and trendy brand that offers a 20% student discount and a 15% discount on first online orders following an email sign-up. 

I Saw It First and PrettyLittleThing are popular fashion retailers among students, providing low-cost, fashionable clothes. ASDA George is another online retailer worth looking into. BooHoo, Superdry, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Free People and Nordstrom are further examples of some of the best online retailers for discovering trendy fashion. 

Another way to narrow down your search for in vogue clothing is to use fashion news and trend sites like InStyle, Glamour, Vogue, Elle, Style and Red. You might prefer to like or/and follow their social media pages for more convenient access to the latest fashion news and updates. These fashion sites or social media pages will help you keep attuned to what is in trend and what to expect for the coming fashion season. 

You should also look into online-only clothes retailers. Many provide similar benefits to brand sites and you can find plenty of such sites with discounts and low-cost items. 

For an optimal online shopping experience, you should try to find brands with a fast and either low-cost or free delivery service, a range of different sizes, discounts and a good returns policy, in case you need to send any clothes back. Online catalogue shopping can allow you to spread payments over set time periods. While these purchases will come with an interest rate, many online catalogues provide short-term interest free periods. Interest free catalogues for the first four weeks include Fashion World and That’s My Style. 

Clothes resellers like Vinted, Depop, Rebelle and Shpock are examples of sites you can use to purchase second-hand clothes. You can also find second-hand or new but cheap clothing items at online shopping sites such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay and AliExpress. Another place to hunt for deals is Facebook Marketplace, which is essentially the social media version of Gumtree or Craiglist. These two sites are also worth exploring if you’re trying to find cheap clothes. 

Lastly, you should keep an eye out for any discount and clearance sales being promoted online. One way to watch out for online store sales is to like and follow the social media pages of your favorite clothing brands. That way, if any online sales are about to start, you’ll be among the first to know.