5 Tips To Look Sophisticated

Many of us have always wanted to change up our style to a more classy or sophisticated look. Whether it’s to suit a maturing you, to match your new job, or to blend into new surroundings, updating your wardrobe to a classier collection isn’t easy. 

Generally speaking, classy fashion is associated with hefty price tags. Chic city style or fancy ballroom attire can often spell dollar signs. Although your favorite fashionable celebrities might be dressed head to toe in expensive clothing, it doesn’t mean that price is the determining factor. There are plenty of ways to dress classy and chic on a budget. 

Accessories and attention to detail are often the most important factors when completing a certain look. Creating a classy portrayal is no different. Simplicity, fit, and complementary wear are essential. 

If you want to dress and look more classy on a regular basis, here are five great tips. 

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels.

Chic handbag
Handbags can be extremely pricey. However, when going for a classy look, it’s important to have a bag that reflects this. Structured bags are timeless and elegant. Their shape and design give the impression that they are of good quality. 

A chic, structured bag in neutral color tones is a great accompaniment to a classy outfit.

The fit
One of the most telling factors regarding classy clothing is the fit. You can have the most expensive clothes in the world, but if they don’t fit correctly, the overall style will be lost. Try to find clothes that fit you well and best compliment your body type. 

If you’re having trouble finding the right fit, try having your clothes tailored. This is relatively inexpensive and will go a long way in completing your classy look. 

Jackets and coats
There are no better quick fixes in creating an expensive and classy look than with quality coats. As a coverall, a coat is a timeless piece that can truly transform an outfit. 

Another great benefit of investing in jackets and coats is that they’re highly practical. Not only are they providing a layer of warmth, but they are also elevating your style. 

Whether it’s for work or simply for fashion, a coat is an essential addition to creating a classy outfit.

Red lipstick is a cheap but very effective way of looking classy. It’s bold, fierce, and screams confidence while remaining elegant and beautiful. 

You’ll always have time to apply a little bit of lipstick, so this is a great tip to incorporate on a daily basis. 

Keep things modest
A classy look is a relatively modest one. While it’s absolutely fine to show some skin, you’re best off to avoid revealing your mid-section, deep cleavage, and upper thighs. 

This doesn’t mean that you have to wear a long dress and turtleneck every day. V-neck or chest-baring blouses can remain classy as long as your bra or too much cleavage isn’t on-show. Your skirt or dress length should remain just above or below the knee.