Tesalate - The Perfect Towel For Beach Bums

It's no secret that I love traveling and pretty much every vacation I plan is centered around a tropical destination so that I can spend time on the beach. If you're a seasoned beach-goer like me, a swimsuit, beach bag and towel are essential to complete your summer look. And when it comes to beach towels, I finally found the perfect one by Tesalate - an innovative sand-free towel from Australia. 

When I come back home from vacation I often have sand in my shoes but while I'm on vacation, I definitely don't want sand in my room and this is why Tesalate's sand free towel is my saviour. These towels are made from cutting-edge, exclusive AbsorbLite microfiber textile which contains 80% polyester and 20% polyamide that allows sand to flow freely from it, meaning you can leave the beach where it belongs, at the beach. 

Tesalate towels are also super absorbent, retaining up to a litre of water. They have been designed to dry in half the time regular towels do. Also, unlike normal towels which take a lot of space in your bag, Tesalate towels are compact when rolled so that you can travel light. Tesalate towels aren't only made for the beach, they're also perfect as a yoga mat, travel towel, gym towel, picnics and any outdoor activity.  

Moving on to the fun part, these towels are available in an array of vibrant and beautiful prints and patterns to suit your style. And the best part is that these towels are double sided so if you get bored of the pattern, you can flip it over to reveal Tesalate's signature black and white triangle pattern.

Towel Features

Sand free. Leave the beach at the beach. 
Full sized beach towel: 160cm x 80cm / 63 x 31 inches. 
Ultra absorbent; over 1 litre of water. 
Rapid-drying. Half the time of a regular beach towel. 
Handy. Comes with a carry bag
Hanging hook to ease drying

Price - US$59/£45/€49/INR 4000

I absolutely love my Tesalate towel and can't wait to take it with me to beaches around the world!