Spa Review - Sukho Thai Pune

If you've been following me on Instagram, you probably know that I just got back from an almost 3 week long vacation in Thailand! I am a very active person and my holiday was no exception so there was a lot of walking, swimming, dancing and hiking involved! Besides that I was also drinking and eating quite a bit (when do I not?) and sleeping really less out of excitement. To top that, it is really hot and humid in Thailand so you end up sweating a lot too. Unfortunately for me, all these factors contributed to fluid retention and I ended up with awfully swollen ankles and feet during the last week as you can see from my cankles in the picture below -

The first thing I did when I got back to India was start taking diuretic tablets which made most of the swelling subside, but my legs and feet were still not back to their normal size. Now one of the main causes for fluid retention is poor blood circulation and the best way to fix this is to get a massage. Thus I decided to treat my feet to a traditional Thai foot massage at Sukho Thai Foot Spa at Chaturshingi, Pune. 

The moment you enter Sukho Thai, the dim and tranquil environment of the spa makes you feel calm and relaxed. Unlike traditional spas, you don't need to undress since they don't slather oil all over your body and the whole massage takes place on a reclining chair. The therapist started the massage by cleansing and sanitizing my feet using warm water which was followed by a gentle massage to open up the joints and relax them. After this, she gave each leg an oil massage from the knees to the feet ensuring that every pressure point was emphasized upon. Using different Thai moves, she hit all the right points to un-knot all my muscle points. She also used a small stick to put pressure on certain points on my toes. In the end of the foot massage, she used a absorbent powder on my legs and feet to free my skin from any oiliness.  My legs were then wrapped with a dry towel followed by a dry massage to my full legs, back, shoulder and head. After the foot massage, she started with stretching my legs, shoulders and back along with a massage on each area which was super relaxing! To be honest, this was better than the massages I got in Thailand!

I walked out fully rejuvenated and energized and just like I predicted, my swelling was almost gone! If you have never gone for a foot massage before, I recommend you to try it at Sukho Thai. Their therapists are trained to work wonders on your feet, massaging the right pressure points, alleviating knots allowing for complete detoxification of the mind, body and soul!