Sneaker Trends

No matter how much you love your heels and boots, there's no denying that when it comes to comfort, nothing can beat sneakers! With sneakers being a major shoe trend for 2018, you can celebrate the fact that these snug commute shoes are now in fashion and you can leave those uncomfortable pumps at home and wear trainers all day!

In today's sneaker-obsessed culture, there exists a style of sneakers for every situation whether its  work or weekend. With a wide range of fantastic available online, you can surely find a pair which will find a spot in your closet no matter the passing trend. Thanks to the fashionable sneaker designs available nowadays, even if you've mastered the art of pulling them off at work, you can now whip them out on weekends too! 

Sneaker Trends + Outfit Inspiration

Black/White - The safest bet with every outfit would be to team it with black or white sneakers and as you can see, they pair pretty well with dresses too!

 Go Color - Sneakers in bright and fun colors are a great way to add a pop of color to a more monochrome look. And they go especially well with denim outfits as you can see below!

Metallic - Metallic kicks are having a major moment and provide high-shine style to any outfit without looking like you're attending a cocktail party! These metallic shoes take the sneaker game to the next level, combining fashion with comfort. Whether you like gold or silver or pink, metallic sneakers are perfect too add subtle bling to your outfit!

Color Block - Color blocked or “Rainbow” sneakers are going to be all the rage this Spring Summer. Whether it's red, purple or neon, this trend has been appearing in a lot of collections for upcoming seasons

Wedge - Ever since Isabel Marant introduced these over 5 years ago, they've had a special place in my heart. With numerous brands replicating this style and celebrities embracing it, there's no doubt that the most controversial sneaker out there is undeniably stylish. And when it comes to short girls like me, these are the only sneakers I would happily wear my entire life. (I still have the pair I bought in 2014 and totally love them!)

So here was my roundup of some major sneaker trends of 2018. What's your favorite?