15 Things To Do Before You Turn 30

Invest in your body
Your metabolism and skin will treat you right in your 20s but to maintain yourself make sure you watch your weight, eat right and use good skincare and hair products. You'll be grateful for it in your old age.

Learn to cook
Needless to say, food is necessary for survival and it always helps to know how to whip up a good meal for yourself or your loved ones. Cooking is a very useful skill because not only does it let you choose what's going into your body, it also gives you a way to save money rather than eating out or ordering in.

Start a side hustle
The best way to eventually become your own boss is to start a side hustle and build your self-employed income while you still have the safety and security of your day job.

Start saving
This is a good time for financial planning so set up a fixed or recurring deposit account, buy term insurance so that you have your own corpus to fall back upon when you're older. Money in the bank = confidence + independence

Knowledge is power. Need I say more?

Be selective about your company
Choose wisely with whom you spend your time.

Live by yourself
Not with roommates. Not with your parents. Not with your significant other. Go solo for a year or so and get to know who you are when no one else is around.

Travel to the unknown
Go somewhere really exotic that you’ve always dreamed of visiting. 

Fall in love with nature 

Get rid of your bad habits
Whether it's smoking or biting your nails, this is a good time to make an effort to get rid of your bad habits so that you don't carry them forward to the rest of your life.

Treat yourself 
Splurge on something expensive, that you've always desired.

Eat expensive food
Treat yourself! Try fancy foods from some real fancy restaurants! As they say, you are what you eat.

Take advantage of every weekend
Make sure to do something every weekend, whether it’s taking a new class, or having dinner with your friends, make sure to go out and do it!

Take an impulsive weekend away with your bestie
Get away and soak up some sun last minute and maybe get some cocktails in!

Do something crazy
Whether it's getting your tongue pierced or go skydiving, this is the time to go crazy and create fun and unforgettable experiences that you will cherish for the rest of your life!