5 Fun Ways To Wear Leggings

Leggings are fun, comfortable and trendy clothing pieces that are easy to dress and are quite comfortable and affordable. I personally prefer leggings over pants because they are more flimsy and  comfortable and hot weather friendly. You can get leggings at any store like Shop LuLaRoe and get some cool stuff according to your size and taste. Before you shop though, here are a few tips on fun ways to wear leggings.

1.    Pair them with a long shirt

It is best to pair leggings with a long shirt in order to cover up a bit. This will ensure that you are decent and that you do not show too much of your backside while walking around in the streets. You can choose various patterns for your shirt such as polka dot or stripes since they can go well with your leggings which are often in dull colours such as black or dark blue. You could also wear a bulky cardigan if it's chilly, and complete the outfit with knee-high boots. 

2.    Wear the right fit

In order to look fun, stylish and classy, ensure that you wear the right fit. Leggings can be snug and can fit any body size and shape, but that should not give you the excuse to wear too tight leggings. On the other hand, wearing leggings that are too loose will create an unflattering appearance. Therefore, ensure that you wear the right fit that is comfortable and snug.

3.    Pair them with the right shoes

In order to complete the leggings ensemble, you have to wear them with the right shoes. You can wear leggings with flats since leggings are often worn casually. If you are attending a formal event, then leggings can be paired with some classy heels as well as with a blazer to create a more official look. You can also wear leggings with ankle boots, knee high boots or flip-flops. All these will look great and stylish and most importantly, they will be comfortable.

4.    Wear your leggings with a skirt or short

One fun way to add some zest to your outfit is to pair your leggings with a fun flirty skirt or shorts. On a chilly day, you can wear your short skirt with leggings in order to keep warm while at the same time look cute and stylish. The same goes for the shorts. Pair these with a plain t-shirt and top, since you do not want to look too extra. To complete the look, pair the outfit with a pair of simple flats.

5.    Try the patterned leggings

Leggings come in all sizes, prints and materials. Get adventurous with your outfits and try out various patterns on your leggings. Stripes and polka dots are a good way to start, and you can also try animal prints such as leopard prints which create a cool, foreign look. Always make sure that you wear patterned leggings with plain tops so as to avoid creating an outfit that is too busy or that has too much going on. You could also try various materials such as leather in order to create a bold, sassy look.