The Latest Shopping Tools and Features - abof

Online fashion shoppers today have more choices than ever, and websites are trying their best to create a niche that sets them apart from the rest and gain a loyal following. Launched in 2015, Aditya Birla Group’s abof has chosen a very versatile route to become a household name. What makes abof stand out from other Indian fashion websites is that they use smart technologies and a possess a deep understanding of how content works, to let customers experience an immersive shopping experience that starts from customized feedback to finding the perfect fit.

The VR Change Room 

One of the worst experiences of online shopping is ending up with an ill-fitting garment. Size charts are not comprehensive enough to cover the nuances of the different styles, looks and cuts that the latest fashion offers. To take this problem out of the equation, abof has introduced a revolutionary virtual reality powered 3D trial room feature. This feature has been rolled out for a large segment of the clothes on the website. All you need to do is try out these specially captured images on a virtual model or avatar. The avatar’s body measurements can be tweaked to represent your exact numbers. You can also try out layered outfits with this feature. This 3D trial room feature is powered by Metail and is the closest experience to a real life change room in the virtual world.

Images for Search

What most experts believe about visual search is that it adds more precision to active searches by users. Abof’s visual search feature is powered by Cloud Sight; a technology which belongs to the US based company CamFind. With this feature, you can click a picture of a garment you like and upload it on the abof app to check if it is available on the site. Visual search is quicker and much more accurate compared to trying to describe a certain pattern or style via the text search. 

Delivery Every Day – Even Sundays

Every-day delivery is one of the hallmarks of the abof sales model. You no longer have to unnecessarily wait till Monday for your product as it arrives on the weekend itself as Sunday deliveries help in reducing the transfer time.

Customized Content 

When Aditya Birla Group launched abof in 2015, the aim was clear – to create quality fashion content along with the shopping platform. Most fashion content in Indian shopping websites is generic in nature, focused more on discounts and sales, while ignoring the personal aesthetics part and the individual’s taste. With a smart back-end technology, abof curates content to suit the consumer’s taste and this one-of-a-kind personalized feed features style tips and product recommendations. Apart from these, abof’s content covers international style trends and news related to fashion and celebs, all picked by the experts.

At the end of the day, customer experience on the site is crucial to increasing a market share. Abof’s approach is through personalized experiences and powerful shopping tools that reduce the chances of returns. By providing a platform for discovering new looks along with a premium shopping experience, many customers are coming back and choosing the site as their main fashion provider.