Featured - Top 100 Indian Fashion Blogs

I'm so happy to share that my blog is in the Top 100 Indian Fashion Blogs by Feedspot - a blog aggregation site which lists top blogs in various categories! Check out the badge on the right sidebar of my blog! Blogs have been ranked based on their google reputation and search ranking along with influence and popularity on social media sites, quality and consistency of posts and Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review. 

One of my recent collaborations with Accessorize
This is really special to me because this year I complete a decade of blogging and trust me, back when I started, no one in India even knew what a blog was. When I started blogging, it was those Orkut days and Facebook wasn't even popular in India. Over the years, Instagram came up and now there are numerous girls around the world who think posting outfit pictures makes them bloggers but I have stuck to writing because I feel that a blog should be a source of information and help others make decisions rather than just be eye candy. Even though I love Instagram, I keep it a mix of my personal life and blogging and don't want to show everyone a picture perfect life because that's not how life works. I took up blogging because fashion and writing have been my greatest passions and over the years, my blog has evolved beyond fashion and has diversified to topics like product and website reviews, restaurant reviews, gadget reviews. 

One of my collaborations with Lakme 
Blogging has been a fantastic journey for me - it has helped me make friends from around the world, it got me invited to attend and cover Lakme Fashion Week in 2012, then I won a blogging contest in 2013 and got to travel to Dubai for an all-expenses paid trip and attend a fashion show! Thanks to the blog, I've been featured in various magazines and newspapers (you can check out my press mentions here) and of course I got to work with tons of amazing brands from L'Oreal to ASUS to Hard Rock Cafe and many more. So I'm just humbled and proud of my blog which has been my baby for a decade and a lifetime to come. 

One of my collaborations with TIGI
 A lot of people assume I'm a full time blogger but I've always had a full time desk job and I currently work as a data analyst and handle digital marketing in a research firm! And this is one of the main reasons that I don't get enough time to shoot or blog and disappear for a couple of weeks sometimes. However, all I want to say to each and every one of you who reads my blog is a huge THANK YOU for all your support! Keep reading :)