Spa Review - Foot Scrub + Massage at Sukho Thai

Have you been to Sukho Thai? This Thai Foot Spa stands out of the crowd because of its unique therapies and is the first international foot massage spa chain in India which started in Mumbai 7 years ago. I absolutely love how relaxing and energizing their massages are and went there recently to try out their new foot massage with scrub which starts off feeling like a pedicure and ends with a fantastic massage.

As I entered the spa, the first thing that struck me was the dim lighting, soothing music and tranquil environment of the spa which makes you feel calm and relaxed from the moment you enter it. Unlike traditional spas, you don't need to undress and just need to change into a pair of loose cotton pants and the whole therapy takes place on a reclining chair. Besides the leg and foot part, the rest of the body is treated with a dry massage. For the Foot Massage with Scrub, the therapist starts with a leg and foot scrub and massage from below the knee which moisturizes and encourages new cell growth to produce healthier and radiant, silky smooth skin and removes dead skin cells. 
The exfoliating properties of the scrub get rid of rough patches leave soft, smooth and fragrant skin. This is followed by their signature foot massage using an aromatherapy blend of Lemongrass, Tea Tree Oil, Basil and Lavender essential oils which revives tired feet. 

After removing the scrub, the therapist brought a vessel of hot water using which she cleansed and sanitized my feet with liquid soap to cleanse them. This was followed by an oil massage from knees to my feet in firm strokes with a focus on all the right pressure points. She paid great attention to every part of each leg and foot so that every pressure point was emphasized upon. It was so relaxing that I had almost dozed off for a few minutes. Following this, she changed her strokes which felt like a wake up call! She also used a small stick to put pressure on certain points on the soles of my feet which was quite a unique feeling. In the end of the massage, she used some aromatic powder on my legs and feet which probably absorbs all the oil and cream from skin.  My legs were then wrapped with a dry towel followed by a dry massage to my full legs, back, shoulder and head. After the foot massage, she started with stretching my legs, shoulders and back along with a detailed massage on each area. 

Overall, it was super relaxing and energizing at the same time! I walked out feeling so great that I totally recommend a visit to Sukho Thai whenever your feet need some TLC!