Dentzz Dental Clinic Review

As a fashion and lifestyle blogger, a lot of people ask me what the secret of looking good is. Is it a good hairstyle and makeup? Is it the right outfit? Well, the truth is that it is as simple as confidence. Looking good is all about feeling great from the inside and all you need for that is confidence! Sometimes we all need a little extra help of course! And one of the things that can give you that extra boost is a good smile with shiny white teeth. As someone who has to frequently be in front of the camera and smiles a lot, I cannot afford to feel conscious of my smile! And camera or no camera, neither should you!

My best friend recently got hitched and that meant lots of photos, unnecessary aunties and answering a lot of  questions. Her mom also pushed her for teeth whitening for the big day. So when my friend called me and asked for my opinion, and I told her that a pearly smile will give you that extra confidence you need, so why not!

I was visiting her in Mumbai when she had to go for the procedure. Her mom had taken an appointment at Dentzz, one of the India's leading dental clinics. I went with her for her appointment and I was really amazed to see the place. The clinic looks like a spa! They have an amazing waiting room, that makes you feel so comfortable. Contrary to boring and serious dental clinics, this place was extremely visually appealing and aesthetically done up.

Right from the lady at the reception to the super classy d├ęcor, these guys really took  care of the details, which shows just how much they have invested in providing one with a fabulous dental experience. Before I go ahead with the rest of this Dentzz Review, let me tell you about the company.
Dentzz Dental Care Centre has clinics in Mumbai, Delhi and Dubai which deliver the finest in Cosmetic, Implant, Conventional and Preventive dentistry. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, they can solve problems like crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, teeth which are sticking out, discoloration, excess gums which are visible while smiling, dark gums and much more.

They also provide services like full mouth reconstruction for the elderly or those who have lost their teeth in an accident, dental implants and painless root canal treatments. They have ultra-modern equipment, ISO certified facilities and highly trained doctors from the UK, USA and Europe, making them one of the premium dental institutions of the country.

My Review

My friend was immensely happy with the service and was totally on board with me about writing this review. After all, it is not often that you have a stress free trip to the dentist that leaves you feeling and looking great! We definitely loved how attentive the doctor. was. He explained the procedure in great detail so that there would be no surprises and my friend knew exactly what to expect. The procedure went off exactly as promised.

After the lightening treatment, the doctor gave her a long list of dos and donts and after care tips, insisting that she schedules a follow up so he can check up on her teeth. I think its great when the doctors are so concerned about their patients. The best part of course is the results. The transformation is what made me want to write this post. My friend’s teeth were at least 3-4 shades lighter than before and that made such a world of a difference. She walked out smiling so enthusiastically, I was blown away. Take a look at her wedding pictures to see how great she looks!

I totally recommend you visit them the next time you're looking for good dental treatment. You won’t regret it. The clinic also treats a lot of international visitors who visit the country for dental treatments so they know exactly what they are doing. So whether you need a root canal, crowns or orthodontics, get in touch with Dentzz. My friend found her confidence here and so can you!