Choosing The Right Bridal Jewelry

Indian weddings are a lavish affair. From finding the right partner to the bridal trousseau for the big day; everything in a wedding require a lot of effort and hard work, Besides the outfit, another huge factor for every Indian bride is their jewelry for her big day. Since we Indians are obsessed with weddings and jewelry, you can just imagine how vital wedding trousseau jewelry is for the bride. 

When it comes to jewelry, one can choose from a wide range of options like kundan, jadau-polki, gold and diamonds but it is a confusing affair as no bride wants to look excessively blingy because of her elaborate outfit, but at the same time she wouldn't want her jewelry to be too light either. 

If you're getting hitched anytime soon and are having a hard time picking a diamond or getting gold jewelry designed, take a look at the following options that you can root for D day- 

The Classic Gold Necklace

 Gold ornaments are a classic favorite for Indian brides. If you love tradition and like going the conventional way, a majestic gold necklace like this one is all you need to complete you wedding outfit . This piece will look beautiful if you are wearing a scoop, V or a sweetheart neckline. Exuding the charm of fine craftsmanship, this piece is embedded with floral ruby and pearls motifs. This one can be bought by the coveted Hazoorilal Gold Jewellers who are exceptional with their work. 

The Timeless Diamond Necklace

 This diamond necklace is perfect for the avant-garde bride who is keen to wear unconventional colors on the cocktail or reception party. With its brilliant round cut diamond that is studded with a marquise cut and intrinsic hints of Zambian emerald, every girl will look impeccable wearing this necklace! Style it up with matching earrings on a crew or a boat neck saree blouse for a timeless and chic look.

Precious White Gold Earrings

When it comes to contemporary weddings, the appeal of white gold is the same as the time-honored gold. Many brides love this white gold as it has a modern appeal and can be worn effortlessly with western wear too, making it suitable for multiple occasions. Made with a string of diamonds, pearls and the beautiful Zambian Emeralds, this is a stellar piece to invest in. 

A Solitaire That Steals The Night

 The exchange of wedding rings is considered auspicious by many and since your wedding ring is supposed to stand on your fingers for a lifetime, it's always a good idea to invest on an exclusive one. This 18K white gold piece in a 2.07 Carat with a stunning cut is all things beautiful! Customize it as per your needs and steal the whole glamorous night away!

Scintillating Bangles

 Often passed down generations, bangles are truly a form of love. This enchanting bangle set is encrusted with vivid hues of rubies and diamond in various cuts on 18 K gold.

From wearing a burst of colors to minimalistic and dainty designs, Hazoorilal Legacy boasts of iconic jewelry designs which make the perfect bridal jewelry.  Whatever you choose, make sure you buy jewelry that celebrates you and your journey that lies ahead!