Kidswear For The Wedding Season!

Weddings are a wonderful occasion that call for celebrations and bring joy everyone around.  With beautiful people draped in majestic clothes, grand decor at the venue and camaraderie among guests, it's a well known fact that weddings are HUGE in India. I recently attended three weddings of three close friends of mine in the past three months and got a bunch of beautiful Indian outfits especially designed for these (some of which I'll be posting on the blog real soon!). Besides having a great time catching up with all my friends at the weddings and all of us being dressed up in gorgeous ethnic wear, I also couldn't help but notice how cute little boys and girls looked in their ethnic outfits for these weddings. 

 That's when I wondered how it must be a notoriously difficult task to find wedding garments for the children of the houses. And in today's ages, children’s clothing has come a long way and there is a lot of variety from many designer and high street labels like H&M and Zara. But when it comes to traditional Indian outfits, these brands obviously are of no use. With this curiously, I asked the mother of one very dapper looking little boy at my best friend's wedding last month, and was surprised to know that his outfit was actually bought online from a website called 
Every fashionable mom would love to have her little one dressed up in a designer outfit for a family wedding and Kidology is the perfect place for her to do so. The site has adorable clothes for special occasions like weddings, birthdays and festivals, all designed by famous designers like Gauri & Nainika, Siddhartha Tytler, Gaurav Gupta, Maya Nocon and more. From traditional and exquisite ethnic wear to contemporary and elegant dresses and gowns, they have a wide range of clothing for girls and boys. 

I checked out their site and fell in love with many of the outfits because they are so super cute. Kidology styles incorporate Indian, western and fusion designs along with contemporary designs in high quality fabrics and exquisite tailoring. I was also impressed to read they they pay special attention to fit and comfort with the use of non-abrasive fabrics and adjustable features. I think this is particularly necessary because as a kid, I used to refuse to wear prickly sweaters or anything too pokey and though I've not been a kid for two decades, I still have major issues about lots of fabrics.

Anyway getting back to the main topic, here are some tips for you to consider while choosing wedding wear for your little ones - 

 Boys -
Look for the Sherwani sets with vests or simple kurta pajama sets that can be teamed up with vests in radiant hues. Items that have subtle detailing on the vests or jackets are trending at the moment. Dhoti-jackets are also an investment piece that can make your little boy look dashing! As for colors, go for golden, reds and blue! 


Girls have an abundant of choices to choose from! You could pick a western gown for events like cocktail and reception. For occasions like the main wedding day, dress them up in something more traditional like anarkalis, embellished shararas or brocade lehengas. They have lots of cute bright pink pieces which is a fantastic color for Indian outfits. 

When it comes to colors, children look the best in fun and bright hues so make sure you pick up something vibrant for your little one. Also, check out their Festival section which has super cute designs which are great for weddings too.  So if you're a mom or are friends with one, make sure to check out Kidology and pick designer wear for your little one. After all, as a parent, you are the sole stylist for your kids :).