How To Take Care Of Stockings

Since winter is here, we can finally layer up and add elements like stockings or tights as you may call them depending on where in the world you are. I'll stick to stockings as that's what we call them here in India. I personally love them as they add a great statement and give even the simplest outfit a glamorous look. Check out of my favorite winter outfits here where I'm wearing an interesting pair. You can wear stockings anytime, anywhere depending on the color, texture, pattern and thickness and moreover they never go out of style. But then again, we also know that they are very delicate and once snagged or ripped, the most amazing pair is absolutely useless unless you want to wear it on Halloween as a part of your costume. So here are some tips for you to care of your stockings when washing them - 

Place them in a pantyhose washing bag:

While washing stockings in a washing machine, keep them in a pantyhose washing bag to keep them from getting stretched, torn, tangled or caught while the machine is spinning. 

Or wash them gently by hand:

Wash your stockings manually with your bare hands. To wash them, use mild detergents and avoid those that contain bleach. Hot or warm water will loosen up the material and cause stretching, so wash them in cold water to keep your stockings intact. 

Trim your fingernails or keep them away:

While washing stockings, your fingernails must be trimmed. Ragged nails can beget a hole or a run in your stocking leaving it unwearable. Or if you ain’t got time to trim your nails, wear gloves to cover your nails and then go ahead to clean them.

Use an online laundry service:

Using online laundry service is the best option as it keeps you from going wacky while doing the laundry especially when it come to delicate things like stockings. Relying on online laundry can make it a lot more easier. Just hand over your stockings and other dirty clothes to them and let them do the job for you.

Always have a backup:

The last and the most important tip would be to always buy an extra matching pair of stockings so that just in case you're in a rush, you can wear a clean new pair and be ready to go.