Retro Fashion Guide

Even though we’ve stepped into the 21st century where style is all about tank tops in light, pastel shades, super slim jeans, bodycon skirts and dresses, not every woman loves to dress that way. Retro elements like polka dots, frills and high waist pants have made their way into modern wardrobes nowadays and this style is frequently seen on celebrities like Dita Von Teese, Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey. That’s retro fashion in a nutshell – something that never goes out of style as it combines a touch of individuality with an element of elegance and old world charm. 

Dress Like The Icons
The elegant retro vibe that Audrey Hepburn exuded or the classic diva look sported by the ultra feminine Greta Garbo have charmed may girls till date. If you want to dress like them remember that classic style outfits paired with classy accessories can never go wrong. Whether it’s an A-line long dress or a puff sleeve dresses with uniform floral prints, a retro outfit always looks cute, sophisticated and feminine. 

Fashionable retro dresses to count on
Retro dresses available today aren’t exactly the same as they used to be in their actual times. However, they carry an essence of the retro cuts, patterns and designs and are blended with new age fashion aesthetics to make them look more appealing. For instance, dresses with ribbons and frills  would form the quintessential retro look and the same elements are incorporated into outfits nowadays with a modernized look. Gingham prints and polka dots are an example of retro prints which are back in style every few seasons. In terms of accessories, hair bands and head bands have been popular among lots of girls for decades now. 

Even when it comes to pop culture, how can we forget Blair Waldorf whose wardrobe was the perfect blend of preppy and retro fashion. Even if you see the cast of Scream Queen, most clothes have a retro and vintage style and this stands true especially for Emma Robert's character Chanel. As you can see from her styling in the show, vintage style is not just about dresses. You have scope to mix and match clothing and blend retro style with modern pieces for a look that's urban yet vintage chic. For instance, bell bottoms might seemingly look out of place today but flared jeans with boot cut leg would look perfect when teamed with a polka dotted top or a checked shirt. Think of the girls in Guess ads, they always have that retro vibe to them. Women that have a sporty sense of style can also pair it up with a plain tank top and a classic Adidas jacket to add a touch of retro style to their look.

Do you like retro fashion or prefer modern style? I have a weakness for 70s style looks. Let me know in your comments below.