Mens Formalwear Style Guide

I seldom write about men's fashion but have often received requests to write more posts on menswear so this post for all you guys out here. This guide is all about formal dressing and how you can look more stylish and put together when dressing in formal wear. 


A white shirt is my personal favorite (on both men and women) and builds a foundation for any tailored look. Find those which fit you perfectly and invest in a few to build an effortlessly stylish wardrobe. Less formal occasions allow you to experiment with colors. For the day, softer colors like light blue, beige or yellow can look great and for the night you can go for darker hues like black, gray and dark blue. Also feel free to explore traditional patterns like stripes or subtle checks. Choose colors that flatter your skin tone and avoid bright colors and vivid prints.

Get the right fit: look for a style that skims the body – you want ease of movement without too much excess fabric on the sleeves or chest. Check out Arrow for some great formal shirts. When choosing a tie, remember that shirt and tie combinations are always best kept simple.  The proportions of the shirt collar, tie width and suit jacket lapel should all work together.

Suits, Jackets & Trousers

The classic two-button, single-breasted jacket with back vents is a great investment purchase. You can style it for a variety of occasions and dress codes, from weddings to office settings. Nail the basics by choosing a simple style in black, navy or grey and make sure to fasten the top button of the jacket for style. You can then add personality with accessories and shirting.

Flat-fronted trousers provide a clean and streamlined look. The hem of your trousers should sit at the top of your shoe, just brushing the top of the heel at the back. Blackberrys has a good range of fitted trousers. 

When you’re looking for the right suit, start with the color and then the fit. Choose one that is versatile and can be worn for many occasions.
Shoes, Socks & Belts

Shoes can make or break an outfit. Invest in the right pair to finish off your formal outfit. Black suits demand a black shoe, while brown shoes work well with navy or grey suits. Brogues or Oxfords are a safe bet.

Great socks are a must for a formal outfit; choose a color that harmonizes with your shoes and doesn't stand out. Always match your belt to your shoes as belts break up the color block of a suit and add visual definition when you take the jacket off.

Finishing touches

Finishing touches add finesse to your outfit - a great watch really sets off a suit while cuff linkslet you inject a bit of individuality into your look. You can also add personality to your formal look with a pocket square. Keep it subtle with white or a light shade; add a pop of pattern or color to make the look stand out.