Decoding My Style

You never find me wearing very bright or girly outfits but I definitely favor certain color combinations which dominate my wardrobe and dressing style! I love shopping from export surplus stores as they stock a lot of international brands that aren’t present in India. I also buy most of my basic separates from  Forever 21 because they are stylish and reasonable. Here are some looks that define the way I dress -

Black and White with Red lips

I am madly in love with black and white and absolutely love wearing white tops with black bottoms. I like to add in a dash of color to the outfit with red lipstick.

Dark Florals

Even though I rarely wear prints, I have a weakness for floral print against a black background. I love this cute dress because it's perfect for summer but I like to wear it with boots instead of heels.


When I'm not wearing black, I'm usually wearing beige, pale pink, nude or other neutral shades like this skirt and top combo.

All Black 

I wear a lot of all black outfits and have lots of black dresses. To make the look pop, I like to add a touch of gold whenever possible as I have below with this chic gold belt.

Although I don’t wear dresses on a very regular basis, I buy most of my one piece dresses online 
to find the most unique and off beat pieces.

Which look do you like the best? Let me know in your comments below! For more outfits and looks, follow me on instagram at