ShopOlympics At Phoenix MarketCity Pune

Phoenix MarketCity is undoubtedly Pune's favorite shopping destination and rightly so because it's the largest mall in the city and has the perfect blend of shopping, entertainment and dining. I recently took part in the ShopOlympics 2016 with a bunch of other fashion bloggers where we had to create as many summer looks as possible in 60 minutes in a budget of Rs 5000 ($75 only)! Definitely a challenge haha! 

Madhumita, Me, Natasha & Riya - The 4 bloggers who participated in ShopOlympics 2016
We were four bloggers and got four different stores for the challenge. I got Pantaloons, a multi brand store which had a lot of options from their spring summer 2016 collection! I've always been a fast shopper so I found it relatively easy to create a bunch of looks. What surprised me the most is that I actually managed to create 4 looks within the budget and had enough time to goof around with mannequins too. The only downside is that I didn't carry my DSLR so my photos are kinda awful because they were clicked from my phone. Anyhoo, check out the looks I created - 

Look One - Corporate Chic
This one's dedicated to all you corporate slaves out there. Just because you have a 9 to 5 desk job, it doesn't mean you have to dress boring. A half sleeved shirt and a pencil skirt make a comfortable yet cute office outfit.  

Tried to copy the mannequin's pose but couldn't quite make it 
Look Two - College Canteen
College days are a time to experiment with fashion! I teamed simple white tee with this adorable skort and knotted it up to convert it into a cropped tee. I also touched a mannequin inappropriately. 

This time I decided to spank the mannequin
Look Three - Summer Soiree
I've always been a fan of all white outfits for summer and this tube top and palazzo pants combination is exactly what I would wear for a chic and sophisticated evening look!

 I look upset because I couldn't find a mannequin this time. Also, I look like I have a detachable tail!
 Look Four - Sunset By The Beach
Being a beach fanatic, I had to do a look dedicated to the ocean so I teamed this beautiful flowy aquamarine skirt with a crop top that's perfect for sunset on a beach resort.  

After we all successfully completed our 60 minute challenge, all of us caught up for lots of candid photos. Overall, it was a great evening and ShopOlympics was great fun! It was awesome to see how creative we all got with all our looks given that we had a really tight budget. If you're looking to update your summer wardrobe, go to Phoenix MarketCity and you'll be amazed at the vast range of fashionable and reasonable options you'll find! 

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How did you like the looks I created? Which one did you like the best? Let me know in your comments below!