My Envy Box - May 2016

My birthday month's My Envy Box (Yes, I was born in May and not June!) is called the Tropical Beauty Edition and the gorgeous yellow box with tropical blooms and a toucan totally justifies the name. Keeping summer in mind, this month's box came with a lot of skin care goodies but was a bit disappointing because all four products were Indian brands and not what I would call premium.  

When I opened the box, I could smell a strong lemony fragrance because of the bottle of Roots & Above Lemon Essential Oil. I haven't used it yet but somehow I didn't like this product much because the fragrance is quite synthetic and the packaging too makes it look like a non premium product. 

This was followed by Gulnare Sea Flo face wash. This one is made of cucumber, wheatgerm and grape seed oil and claims to calm and soothe skin. I'm looking forward to using it when I travel next. Then there's the Votre Botanical Toning Mist which claims to maintain the skin’s natural PH balance and is made of a combination of botanical complexes and flower extracts that provides the skin its natural toning while leaving skin refreshed. The packaging is quite shabby and the even though the product is refreshing, I didn't like the smell at all.

The winner in the box is the Puerto Berry Blush Lip Moisturizer from a new Goa based brand called Island Kiss. Island Kiss is a Lip Care  Brand inspired by Tropical Beaches across the world, fragrant coasts, salty air and lush notes of fruit and flower.  This balm comes in a squeezable tube and is a bright reddish pink color. It moisturizes lips well and has a great color payoff along with a fruity fragrance and sweet taste. It can also be used on the cheeks. It's staying power is pretty good too as I could still see color on my lips after a hot and sweaty 90 minute Bikram Yoga session! 

I was very impressed by the packaging where it's evident that they have borrowed a leaf out of Benefit's book and gone for similar retro pin up girls on the boxes and on their website. It's also nice to know that their products are vegan, organic, non-toxic, edible, non-GMO, gluten free, soy free and shea free. Phew!

I've been getting these boxes for a while and totally recommend you to subscribe to My Envy Box now to receive beauty and makeup goodies every month! At a price of Rs 850 per box, you get way more than you pay for so it's totally worth it!