Style Guide To Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing isn’t just incredibly cost-effective but also eco-friendly since you’re recycling old clothes. Wearing vintage clothing is something that a lot of us want to do but not many can pull off. Some people make an attempt to wear vintage but end up looking like they’re wearing a Halloween costume. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it may not be your intention to channel a theatrical look. Here are a few tips on how you can perfectly pull off vintage clothing: 

• Mix and match with new pieces – One of the easiest ways to look like you’re wearing a costume is when you wear vintage from head to toe. Instead of this, you can mix your outfit around and pair vintage pieces with new pieces from your wardrobe. Maybe you could wear a vintage Victorian-style blouse with ripped jeans and a hoodie. Or if dresses are more your style, maybe you could pair a fifties-style dress with a leather jacket. The idea is to match your fancy vintage clothes with pieces to make them more suitable for everyday wear.

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• Get inspired by current trends – When buying vintage clothing, try to look for pieces that resemble pieces from current trends. A lot of designers and fashion houses draw inspiration from vintage garments and reinterpret them with a modern twist. So it won’t be too surprising to find something in the thrift store that look like the latest clothes from modern designers. For instance, maybe you could find a vintage blouse from the seventies that look somewhat like the Spring/Summer 2016 collection from Gucci.

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• Dress around one dramatic piece – A lot of people wear vintage for the sake of theatrical pieces that add so much character to one’s look. You could dress down a head-turning vintage find to make it more suitable for everyday wear. You’re basically going to use the vintage piece as a statement wardrobe piece and wear it with simple basics. For instance, wearing a faux fur vintage coat with basic items in solid colors could tone down the dramatic flair of the coat. Otherwise you could find a vintage sequin skirt to wear with graphic tees and flatform sneakers.

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• Pick modern accessories – It’s easy to wear a whimsical vintage garment with pieces and accessories that match its era. Unless you’re intentionally creating a costume, this could be a mistake. Instead of this, try to go for accessories that are more contemporary yet still complementary to the vintage item. For instance, you could easily accessorize a chic vintage dress with modern booties or sneakers. If you’re wearing a bright-colored vintage piece, try to keep your accessories in a neutral tone so as to avoid look too whimsical.

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• Mix eras around – If you do decide to wear vintage from head to toe, there’s another way to avoid looking like you’re wearing a costume or you’ve just time-travelled from a certain era. Instead of sticking to one era, try to mix up pieces from different eras so that your outfit seems more current. Maybe you could layer contrasting patterns or wear an unexpected combination of textiles. This can be the easiest way to create a unique and modern outfit that is also timeless and fun.

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• Master the art of layering – Layering is your best bet at putting a modern twist to your vintage clothes. Pair both new and used items to create chic layers that are ideal for everyday wear. Take a retro sundress and wear a long sweater and a belt over it to get a work-worthy look. Maybe you could find a vintage maxi skirt, wear that with a graphic tee, and then layer a jacket and a scarf over that outfit. Otherwise, you could even layer a simple vintage dress over a fitted print shirt. Make sure you layer your outfit in such a way that you don’t look too bulky. 

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Bottom Line

So now you have some of the basic ideas behind the art of vintage clothing and how to style them. The possibilities of styling vintage garments are endless, so have fun getting started. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it exudes your personality and your everyday style choice.