Stay Organized With Nirmala Franklin Planners

I'm definitely not a very organized person and heck, I kinda have the memory of a goldfish. Even if I need to go buy 3 items, I write them down on my phone so that I don't forget one of them. So when I discovered Nirmala Franklin Planners, it was quite a blessing for me. These colorful and fun planners help you stay organized and make life so much simpler. They come in a standard 7.25″ X 9.25″ size  with 170 pages in total.

The planner starts with a yearly format which lets to plan holidays and schedule your days. It also has fun stickers at the back which you can paste into your days to keep every thing in track. As you can see below, it has stickers dedicated for many occasions and makes planning so much easier! They have blank stickers too which you can use for events that are not listed. 

Then there's the monthly overview format where you can paste these stickers. Each day has about 1″x 1″ box space to fit in minute yet important details. This section also has a notes pane at the side where you can write notes for additional things you want to remember. 

Then there's the day wise overview which has enough space for you to plan your day and list out your chores. Each sheet is divided into 3×3 grid – 3 days x 3 sections (morning,day and night) where you can make notes. As you can see, each month is separated and marked using colorful laminated tabs which makes it easier to access each month. 

There are many more interesting features in the tab like a section dedicated for your contacts. Even though we have all our contacts in our phones and email contacts, it is always a good idea to write them down somewhere (at least the most important ones like family, close friends and colleagues because you just never know what if you lose your phone or your contact list somehow! ) My phone was stolen last year and I had to rely on pen and paper for a while to write down numbers and email ids ( I was on vacation at that time so couldn't even buy a new phone )  It is also filled with motivational and inspirational quotes in colorful pages as you can see above and below. 

Another useful feature it has is an Expenses tab! This is really useful for us to maintain a record of our priorities, savings and splurges. Something I think is essential for everyone to take care of their finances. 

Then there's a section for notes which is handy when you have to note down important information like bank details or license detail etc. 

In the end of the planner, there's a pocket flap which you can see on the left side of the page  and a clear zip lock bag on the right side where you can store bills, ticket stubs, photos and other memories . On the right side is a clearfor the same purpose. I loved scrapbooking as a child so this reminds me of all the scrapbooks I had! 

Overall, this is an excellent planner which has everything you need to get your days organized and your life simpler. Though it is priced at the higher side, it's definitely a really good planner. To buy one of these or find out more about the brand, check out