Lacelle Colors Contact Lens Review

When it comes to contact lenses, Bausch & Lomb needs no introduction. I have been wearing their Soflens 59 range almost daily for over a decade now and though I tried a couple of other brands in the middle, I've always stuck to it. The good news is they they have now created an exclusive range of colored lenses known as LACELLE Colors! They have a wide range of designs and colors with unique lace patterns to enhance the natural beauty of your iris. I recently got Lacelle lenses in their colors range in the shade brown and I totally love it. It brightens my eyes and makes them look very pretty. Thanks to being from a reputed contact lens brand like Bausch and Lomb, I don't have to worry about discomfort or damaging my eyes either. Another high point is that through their high water content and non-ionic coating, these lenses naturally reduce protein build up, preventing discomfort to ensure long lasting wearing comfort. I earlier preferred wearing clear lenses on a daily basis but thanks to the large number of various colored lenses I have, I wear a different color every day :) 

In case you forgot, this is my natural eye color -

And voila, here I am with these lenses- 

I love what a beautiful shade of brown it is and how natural it looks!

Brand: Bausch & Lomb Lacelle - Colors
Water Content : 42.00%
Lens Material : Hefilcon A (Group - 1)
Diameter : 14.0 mm
Base Curve : 8.6 mm
Usage Duration : 1 month