Why Invest in a Luxury Watch

As you stare longingly at that luxury watch in the display counter, you have to deal with the dilemma of choosing between the financial cost of the timepiece and potential benefits of owning one. However have you ever though about the benefit you are truly getting and why so many people take the plunge and invest their hard earned cash to buy premium watches? Here’s a straight look into reasons why more people are wearing luxury watches. 

The Investment Value
From a functional sense, luxury timepieces are investments that will last many years, and they are also great investments considering the valuable items in them that retain their value over time. You only need to look at the meteoric rise in gold’s value in the past few years to fully appreciate the potential long-term value of owning a jewelry piece with precious metals. 

Watches made of plated alloys, plastic and other lesser quality materials do not command impressive prices on the resale market over the long-term. A luxury watch is a long-term investment in a prestigious brand name; this makes it most appealing to collectors, many of whom would gladly spend a couple of thousands of dollars to get their hands on a decades old Jaeger-LeCoultre, Omega or Rolex watch. 

An Heirloom
A luxury watch is not only a valuable investment, but can be a functional timepiece that can be a meaningful family heirloom that will last generations. The well-manufactured and tasteful luxury watch you purchase is a piece that will defy time and become a treasured item that you can pass on to your son. As the young boy grows up and finally comes of age and wear the watch his father wore, and which his grandfather wore before; that is the archetypal tradition symbol of most importance to a man. 

Monetary inheritance offers little comfort when a child has lost a parent; the parent’s luxury watch is a personal item that reminds those left behind of the previous owner’s lifetime, love for his survivors and success. This makes a lasting quality watch the ideal gift to pass from one generation to the next, even in difficult times. 

Stellar Quality Timekeeping
Beyond the aesthetics, there is one thing that every watch should do well, keep time. Low-priced watches are normally mass-produced in huge factories filled with poorly paid unskilled laborers in environments where “quality control” is a foreign word. However, luxury watches are crafted by passionate and skilled artisans. 

World famous Swiss watchmakers Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet have master horologists in their companies who put together their signature watches is modern facilities that adhere to only the highest craftsmanship standards. A basic model Patek Philippe watch takes about 10 months to put together, while more intricate pieces may take up to two years to manufacture. The level of quality, craftsmanship and material ensures that their luxury watches can stand that test time – most often, decades – with very few tune ups required in-between. 

On the other hand, mass-produced watches only survive, utmost, five years. When you consider the number of features added to luxury watches, such as water-resistance and aeronautical gauges, these precious timepieces become more impressive to have. 

A Delicate Display of Wealth
In all honesty, looks do really matter in this world. A beautiful woman is more likely to attract attention from everyone around you than an unattractive one, well-dressed gentlemen are also more likely to draw in a few gazes from the ladies. Prestigious brands are held in high esteem in the society, and luxury watches are respected and easily recognized all over the world by people who appreciate luxury and details. This rings true when you combine the watch with tasteful clothing like business suits or semi-formal dressing for the more casual events. A luxury watch becomes an accessory that identifies the wearer as a successful man. 

These timepieces delicately display wealth in a manner that is subtle without making one appear to be self-aggrandizing, but bold enough to leave a mark. You only need to look at Fortune 500 CEOs and American Presidents to see how true this is. 

The discerning eye is immediately drawn in by accessories and, since quality attracts quality, luxury watches are a sure sign that women recognize as a sign that you appreciate and understand refined quality life. Over-priced champagne and flashy cars scream that you just came upon some money, but luxury timepieces define wealth with nothing to prove. 

In Conclusion
Although any watch can, for some time, fulfill the most basic of duties of showing you time, Zimson luxury watches offer those willing to invest more than a lifetime’s worth of satisfaction. The expert craftsmanship and precious metals added to the watches ensure the perfect harmony between retained value, precision and durability. Wearers of luxury timepieces quietly possess an air associated with wealth, but with a class of success that is tastefully understated.