Sunday BBQ Grill & LIIT's At Hard Rock Cafe

December is the undisputed party month of the year and to add to the festivities and holiday season, Hard Rock Cafe Pune gives us a delicious new barbecue experience every Sunday! The Sunday BBQ Grills bring us a culinary display of a live grill counter sizzling with an array of new dishes that are to make your Sunday afternoon a lazy but a memorable one. But that’s not all December has to offer, they have also launched their signature LIIT festival, so you can can taste an exclusive range of 10 new variants of this hot seller. Fresh fruit, unique flavors, subtle spices and wild colors are only a few highlights from this delicious and refreshing menu. I was there last Sunday and had a fantastic time devouring some really good food and a couple of brilliant Long Island Iced Teas.

I started my afternoon with the gorgeous and uber delicious Lavender Long Island which infuses lavender syrup with all the usual spirits. This is a sure shot winner. One of the best cocktails I've had in my life. I'm definitely going back for more.

What a beauty!
Next up was a whole bunch of appetizers from the Sunday BBQ menu. Sadly, my camera had a problem so half the photos did not get saved so I only have this one to share with you. I tried the Texas Chicken Slider, Caribbean Chicken Skewers, Tangy Grilled BBQ Wings, Grilled Jerk Fish Fillet and Spicy Chicken Drumsticks. If you love Wings as much as I do, make sure you try the ones on the special menu as they are spicier and tangier (thus, even better) than the wings in the regular menu. And if you love super spicy food, (I have a weakness for chilly) make sure you try the Drumsticks (pictured below). They are out of this world. LOVED IT! 

I am not a fan of sweets or sweet drinks and am addicted to spicy stuff, so when I saw a spicy version of a LIIT, I obviously had to have it. This one's only for all you fans of spicy stuff - The Jalapeno Iced Tea which has the usual spirits with jalapeno slices and brine. Loved it so much that I drank half of it before I realized I need to click a picture.

After eating so much of chicken, I was in the mood for fish so I tried two variants. The first was the Basa which was perfectly marinaded and was really juicy and had a burst of flavor in each bite. 

 I washed it down with Love Is In The Air, a variation of a long island which includes a dash of lychee and is topped with red wine. This is really tasty and has the perfect amount of sweetness (which even I could happily tolerate) It's a hot favorite among the ladies! 

 Saving the best for last is the Herb Crusted Scottish Salmon which has a delicious chunk of pink grilled salmon served with a side of veggies, mushrooms and mashed potatoes. Try this with a dash of lime juice. It  makes it even better!

Besides all this feast for carnivores, they also have a variety of vegetarian dishes on the menu (which I obviously avoided) along with a salad and pasta counter where you can DIY your salads and pastas.

The Salad Counter at Hard Rock Cafe Pune
Now that I've showed you how to make the most of your Sunday, make sure to Hard Rock Cafe Pune real soon as this special affair is exclusive in our city! Cheers to that! And for all of you who are based in other cities, the LIIT festival is happening at Hard Rock Cafes across India, so go try those yummy drinks asap!