Fotor Christmas Sale!

I have been using Fotor for a while to edit my pictures and have written about its amazing features a couple of times. If you are not aware of this amazing online photo editor, you can check out my previous posts about it here. Fotor has a massive international community of users and has rolled out lots of new filters and features for us to help us  celebrate the end of the year. They have lots of Christmas special stickers and packs and in this post, I'm going to tell you about all its new features that let you transform an average photograph into a Christmas message!

To begin, choose your starting photo featuring your family, friends or whoever you want to share your greeting with. After you have opened it, you’ll find lots of fun new effects and stickers in the Edit section. In the image below you can see some of the stickers I used on the wall along a Christmas message. Fotor also has an amazing ‘Artistic Collage‘ feature! With this new addition, you can modify and change a range of different photos at the same time, while combining and stitching them!

They have also added lots of festive new backgrounds that can be integrated into your ‘Artistic Collage’ and ‘Design Feature’! The Design feature is particularly handy if you want to create a facebook cover, instagram post or any other graphic for your social media networks as they have a wide range of fantastic templates waiting for you. Its also a perfect tool to create your customized Christmas greeting. 

Along with all these fun new features and additions, Fotor has made it even easier to everyone to enjoy its new content as they are having a massive 50% OFF sale. So make sure you utilize it and avail this offer to get the best out of your images and Christmas greetings! Fotor is also available on iOS and android!