Fashion Tips For A Beach Wedding

Nothing is more romantic than exchanging your vows on a beautiful beach with the sound of the ocean as your wedding soundtrack. However, there are certain practical points you need to take into consideration for a beach wedding, and finding the perfect beach wedding dress will obviously be one of your top priorities. The wedding season has just started in India and beach weddings are very popular here. I'm no expert at weddings but have a few pointers on what to wear if you are planning to have a destination wedding by the seaside.    

If you're getting married on the beach, you need a dress that compliments the calm ocean breeze and warm golden sunshine. A beach wedding is not the ideal milieu for a formal ballgown or chapel train. Whether you opt for a tropical island sheath or a demure slip-dress, take advantage of the heaps of stylish designs  available to set a coastal mood. A beautiful and flowing wedding dress is the perfect finishing touch to your dream wedding day at the beach. Light fabrics like sheer silks and chiffon have a nice fluid movement to them and are lightweight and dressy for the beach.  Not only are light fabrics very comfortable for the beach, they are also great because the bride can easily walk along the sand and march her way to the altar effortlessly.  Evenings on the beach can get chilly so don’t forget to carry a lacy shawl or cape which makes an elegant cover-up while keeping you warm.


There is always the chance of a strong breeze if you are getting married at the water front, so even if flowing open hair suits your free-spirited style, select a hairstyle that keeps the front of your hair off your face so that you don't have to deal with strands in your mouth or lipstick streaks on your cheeks. Loosely arranged up-dos are also a lovely choice. Since beach weddings are pretty much almost in the day, steer clear from loud and bright makeup and go for subtle pinks, corals and nudes which will keep you looking radiant and pretty in the bright sun. 

If you're in my category (which means the wedding bells aren't ringing for us anytime soon) and are attending a beach wedding, I've got some tips for that too. Steer clear from sequins, stuffy formal dresses and obviously skip high heels. This is a great excuse to find a beautiful flowing dress. You can go short or long but make sure that it is not too formal or constructed. Jewelry dresses up your wedding day attire, but dangly earrings can be uncomfortable on a windy day. You may want to choose bracelets or necklaces as your statement piece and stick to simple earrings. Save your beautiful heels for the indoor reception and slip on some pretty jeweled flip flops or wedges for the beach ceremony so that your shoes don't go digging into the sand. Flowers make a great accessory too, subtle flower crowns or headbands are great and even a single flower tucked behind your ear is a lovely and off beat option! 

So, whether you're planning to get married by the beach or are attending one, these points should help you out with your fashion queries! If you have any additional tips for a beach bride/guest, please share them with me in your comments below!