Favorite Fall 2015 Trends

Trends come and go each season but there are always those that catch your eye and makes your inner shopping demon go - Must buy it! To be honest, I'm a weirdo so I don't like wearing major trends (why wear what everyone else is wearing?) but its the less embraced alternate trends that appeal to me. Here are some of my favorite fall trends for this year -

Septum Rings
Though a lot of us would associate the septum ring majorly with cows and tribals, there's something about it that I love. Its an edgy look and though not everyone can carry it off, it looks very cool on those who can. A lot of young Hollywood stars have been spotted wearing one but the pioneer is singer FKA twigs (aka the one who stole Edward from us Twihards) who has been wearing septum rings for a couple of years now! Oh and the cool thing about these is that it looks good on both men and women. And well, if you don't want to get the real deal, you can fake it too, like most of hollywood has.  

Lace-up Necklines
If you own a lace-up top or dress, congrats on being ahead of the crowd. This "it" neckline has been spotted on several style muses and I've spotted it on numerous shopping sites too. Whether you opt to embrace the look with a top, dress, or sweater, the lace-up detail is a must-have for fall! It is a tricky piece because inner wear is an issue and definitely looks better on women with smaller chests as it can look skanky on busty women. I got one last month but since its full sleeved and a thick fabric, I have been waiting and will wear it once the weather gets cooler. 

Flared Jeans
Boot-cut jeans were our cult favorites in the early ’00s. This shape is very flattering as it is thigh-slimming and a fitted, dark-rinse, mid- or high-rise jean that kicks out just below the knee has great rear-lifting powers. The sharp, sleek silhouette will quickly upgrade the chunky sweaters, lace blouses, and anything else you’re buying this fall. If you browse through fashion sites, you must have noticed that still style has been seen on runways and on the streets on the legs of editors, bloggers and celebrities.