My Envy Box - August 2015

I'm super behind schedule with this one and even though the September edition of My Envy Box reached me today, I need to first tell you about the August box! The theme of last month's box was India Mon Amour which is French for my love. All the products which came in it are natural, herbal and organic. The box is a beautiful shade of oxblood with golden accents featuring some iconic Indian figures. The August box had a heavy focus on fragrance and I'm definitely not complaining!

This box was really fabulous because all the products were pretty much full sized! Now that I've used them all for a month, I can tell you my honest opinions about them. And though its too late to order this box, you can always order these products from their website! 

The products in the box were - 
Hedonista Oudh Frozen Ittar - Full size 
Suganda Neem Green Tea Mask - Full size 
Forest Essentials Iced Pomegranate & Kerala Lime Body Mist - Travel size
Soultree Ayurvedic Kajal in Rich Loam - Full size 

 Hedonista Oudh Frozen Ittar is my favorite product from the box. It is a solid perfume formulated with Dehn al Oud, an exotic resin which comes from the Aquilaria tree. This unique product is a frozen ittar and has a balm like. With its classic woody smell, this all natural, handmade fragrance is indescribably enchanting and is very long lasting! Bonus is that the creamy texture moisturizes skin too!

Forest Essentials Iced Pomegranate & Kerala Lime Body Mist is a fresh, light, and uplifting fragrance. It’s a perfect summery body mist with hints of refreshing lime, aloe vera and pomegranate.

Suganda Neem Green Tea Mask is a powdery blend of organic neem, green tea and rice. Perfect for oily and acne prone skin. Unfortunately this one is of no use to me as I (thankfully) do not have oily or acne prone skin.

Soultree Ayurvedic Kajal is a combination of hand made carbon black collected from vegetable oil lamps, organic ghee, natural mineral colors and organic sweet almond oil. The goodness of all these ingredients make it soothing for the eyes while adding color to highlight them. It doubles up as an eye shadow too.

So this was last month's box. And all it costs is just Rs 850 for a box. I've been a happy subscriber for over a year and half and absolutely recommend My Envy Box to all my readers! Go get it!