Makeup At The Beach? Why not!

As you all know I was by the beach very recently so I suddenly wondered how many of you wear makeup to the beach. I'm prefer minimal makeup and favor a base, eyeliner and nude lips no matter where I am and what time it is so what I wear for dinner with my beau is pretty much the same as what I'll wear on Friday night and its no different from what I'd wear to the beach. Unless you're lucky enough to live in a beachy town, you go to beaches for holidays. And obviously you want to look your best when you're on vacation. However, no one wants to be that girl on the beach with an obvious face full of makeup on but that doesn't mean you have to go bare-faced.

Only a supermodel in an editorial can carry off bright eye shadow on the beach.
 Here are a few basics tips and tricks how to look like a natural beach beauty - 

Eyes are definitely the most important focus of makeup for me. I have really small eyes and I look really awful without eye makeup so I always make sure I use gel eyeliner as it doesn't budge with water. Unless you're going for a beach party, skip the eye shadow. If you are wearing eyeshadow, 
 use a cream eye shadow (not a powder) in a neutral shade that complements your skin tone. Mascara is also a super simple way to accentuate your eyes. Of all the makeup you wear, mascara is the least noticeable, but that makes a great difference to your overall appearance. Just make sure whichever mascara you choose is waterproof: You don't want to emerge from the surf looking like a drowned raccoon. 

If you really want to accentuate your lips in a beach, you can use a simple trick too. Firstly, for a natural beach look, choose a lipstick that closely matches your own lip color. Definitely avoid any bright reds or dark tones, because it will make the whole beach look darker. On the other hand, if you want your lips a bit more pop, use a lip liner and a balm instead of lipstick to ensure it lasts. Also, you can look for special lip products that have SPF filters to avoid sunburn and other problems too. 

A touch of blush warms up your face and gives you a natural, healthy glow. Once again, powders are the enemy on the beach, so opt for a cream version or a tint with a waterproof formula. I love Peri's tint by Peripera cosmetics. 

For a beach, avoid any powder base as it will wash off the moment you get into the water. The best thing to do is mix your sunscreen and base to make your face even along with sun protection. Add a little of bronzer if you want to accentuate your bone structure. That's it! Also, look for waterproof products that will stay in place while you're swimming.

Do you wear makeup to the beach or go makeup free? I definitely want a little bit on the beach.