Outfit - Multiway Lace Cutout Dress

I've seen various multi-way dresses but to be honest, I've found them super confusing because of all the draping and tying. Maybe I should blame it on the left handed brain of mine but I really don't have the patience to sit and try the bazillion ways you can wear those. However, when I picked up this nude lace dress, I realized much later that I could wear it in various ways too! I got it from a rad store called 10 Dollar Mall which stocks a wide range of women’s clothing, plus size clothing, accessories and even menswear! Check it out if you're looking for cheap casual wear or basics for your wardrobe without spending too much. 

Here are the multiple ways you can wear this dress which makes it perfect for both formal occasions and a night out with friends -

Above the shoulder

Off shoulder

One Shoulder  


Oh, and did I mention the cutout back?? :)

Photography - Akshat Bhatnagar

I love how versatile it is and how great the fit and quality are! I got tons of compliments for it too! I personally like to wear it above the shoulder and completely strapless. How would you wear this dress? Let me know in your comments below!