Restaurant Review - Sigree Global Grill

 Rocky and Mayur are food enthusiasts who have  traveled more than 120,000 kilometers across the length and breadth of India over the course of 7 years in search of memorable eating experiences. Now, Rocky and Mayur have ventured out to explore food from all parts of India and curate videos on so I'm contributing my part by relishing my favorite dishes at Sigree Global Grill  and sharing my views with you all!

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So I finally joined a gym after talking about it for five years and have been working out a few days a week since the beginning of this month. However, I make sure I ruin my efforts every time I go to the gym. You know how? Some days I hit my favorite watering hole after workout and the other day, I decided to go to an all-you-can-eat-buffet restaurant after an hour of spinning class.  I'm not the biggest fan of Indian food, so when I heard that Sigree Global Grill serves international cuisine, I was more than excited to try it out. There’s marinated grill from across the world — British, Chinese, Mediterranean, Mexican and of course Indian kebabs.

As you enter the restaurant, you can see that the interiors have a chic contemporary global feel, 
A meal at Global Grill starts with the bread platter that comes to the table as soon as you’re seated. It  has an assortment like focaccia, garlic bread, lavash, nachos, masala buns and more, with dips like hummus, flavoured butter and cheese and different versions of salsa. Apart from soup and salads, there's an avalanche of starters that are lined up on the live grill on your table and are  refilled from time to time on request. The menu changes every day, with an array of vegetarian and non vegetarian starters, main courses and desserts. 

The starters had two types of chicken tikkas, prawns and fish on the grills. From what I remember, there was a Fish hariyali tikka, Chicken Pesto, Mutton Chop Kebabs and two more fish and chicken preparations which I cannot name as I forgot to take note of it and was too busy stuffing my face because everything was excellent. Along with the starters there was pizza too. And it was a simple thin crust cheese pizza, but baked to perfection. It had a generous amount of cheese in it and was delicious. There was also a live pasta counter that offered different types of pasta, sauces and vegetables that could be added to your dish according to your choice. I skipped this as I make way too much pasta at home. 

Moving on to the main course, I tried the Chicken Methi which was outstanding and made me feel like I was eating in a restaurant in North India as its flavors were so authentic. I also had the Laal maas, an Indian mutton curry and Thai yellow curry with fish. Both dishes were fantastic and full of flavor. There was Biryani too but I skipped it. 

The vegetarian section had dishles like Thai yellow curry, Paneer Tikka Masala, Subz biryani, Dal Sigree (which was like dal makhni) and rice seasoned with herbs. There were also about two or three types of Indian breads. I skipped all of these and chose to have the Vegetarian Lasagna which came in a nice creamy cheesy sauce and was a welcome change compared to tomato based ones. I also loved the macaroni salad which had a very unique mustard based dressing but what caught me by surprise and delight was the pink salad you see below. At first thought, you'd obviously realize its beetroot, but it had pieces of beet colored pineapple too which gave it a lovely burst of sweetness.

Now that I had eaten enough food to feed a small family, it was time to challenge my stomach and demolish the desserts. I usually skip desserts almost every time I dine which is why you might have noticed that my restaurant reviews never mention any. However, this time the dessert spread was right next to our table, and they looked so good that they managed to lure me in.  There were many types of mousse, cakes, brownies and tarts and I tried a bunch of them and I must say that all were pretty good! In fact, after eating so many desserts in one go, I actually realized that they should maybe just have a dessert buffet option for people who don't want a meal but just want the sweet stuff. Not a bad idea right? We don't have dessert buffets in India for sure. Maybe someone should start the concept! After all, people here have quite a liking for sweets. 

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Overall, I had a wonderful time at Sigree and absolutely loved the food. If you love buffets and grills, you must try it out! This restaurant has a pan India presence and has four outlets in Pune at Dhole Patil Road, Aundh and Amanora Mall and Pimpri.