Restaurant Review - Hoppipolla

  After hearing rave reviews about this place, I finally went to Hoppipola last month. This all day dining and bar is the place where you can walk in anytime with friends and enjoy good food and pocket friendly drinks with some fun games and music. The decor has a Mediterranean vibe with a large indoor section and a beautifully done garden like outdoor section. The menu leaves you spoilt with choice as the both the food and bar menu have numerous options, all of which are very reasonably priced. Thus, its no surprise that this place is a huge hit among the youth of the city. They even have board games that you can play and host drinking games too! How fun is that? 
On the last Thursday of the every month they have a Chuggathon, and the champion wins free beer for the entire month. And they have cute pink and blue ones for girls and guys, which are all d! As I entered the place, I was amused to read their rules! Check them out -

I tried a bunch of dishes and drinks there so here goes! I just realized that did a lot of food reviews last month thanks to which I've put on weight and now need to work out religiously to lose it all.

We started with the OMG which is basically crispy cheese stuffed mushrooms. These were yum and perfect with drinks.

The mocktails and cocktails are absolutely delicious. I don't really like sweet drinks much but the celery and watermelon cooler was fabulous and refreshing. Never thought the two would make such a nice combo. 

The ginger twist is another drink I recommend. 

If you love spicy food like I do, do try the Harrisian which is basically grilled fish in delicious Tunisian spices. 

The soul sticks (chicken) were tender and juicy. Great finger food!

Moving on the alcohol, I tried to Dirty Martini and it was awesome. I don't know why I don't order this more often because I absolutely love martinis. Note to self - Drink more martinis

I couldn't find this pizza on the menu but it was recommended by the chef as he realized I like spicy food. This is a spicy chicken pizza so make sure you try this as it was heavenly!

The only dish which was a disappointment was the fish and chips. The batter was bland and it was way too oily. Avoid this for sure. 

Last, but definitely not the least are the Bullfrog and the Guava Balsamic Mary. For those of you who don't know, the Bullfrog is a variation of the notorious Long Island Ice Tea (which I tend to order a lot) which uses blue curacao instead of cola. The Guava balsamic is a variation of a Bloody Mary that uses Guava juice in it. It was really nice! At this point, I finally realized that my camera settings weren't right so now that I fixed it, you can also see how bright and cheerful the outer seating areas is!

Like I said, Hoppipola is not just a food and drink place but has a lot of other fun stuff. They have a wall full of clocks and they give you once chance to open any one of the little doors. If you find a shot glass, then you get a free shot! 

Click to add a blog post for Hoppipola - All Day Bar & Bonhomie on ZomatoThere are two outlets of Hoppipola in the city. The one in Aundh has been around for a couple of years and is quite a party place bustling and full of youngsters. In Pune terms, its like the High Spirits of that side of town. I went to the newly opened branch in Amanora! As you can see, the place screams fun so you should check it out!