How To Build Your Dream Closet

A fashion blogger's dream is to own a wardrobe overflowing with endless options of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. And when it comes to storage, there's no denying that every fashion blogger dreams of a walk-in closet where she can neatly organize and display all of her valued clothing. If you own a house and have a room to spare, you don't need to invest much to get yourself your dream closet.  You should check out closet floor plans, designs and photographs of walk-in closets online to find inspiration and then consult a carpenter or interior designer to help you with the kind of material, structure and exact design that would work for your house/room. 

Here are ten walk-in closet essentials -

1. Clothing racks 
2. Shelves to display shoes and bags
3. Jewelry stands or drawers
4. A full length mirror (or as many as you like)
5. Hooks and pegs to hang stuff
6. A fancy chair for you to wear your shoes
7. Wall paper and decorative items to suit your style 
8.  Armoire for winter wear 
9. Vanity mirror for a make up area
10. A chandelier or statement lamps

The ultimate purpose of a walk-in closet is to simplify your dressing process so once you're closet is ready, you need to sort each and every item and place each article of clothing into different sections according to their usage. Allocate a specific area for your casual clothes, one for your work/business clothes, one for your party/evening wear, one for your holiday/ resort wear and the last (and concealed) for your winter wear. This system makes it easy to decipher where each item is whenever you need it. When you walk into your closet, you want to be able to see where every shoe, accessory and item of clothing is. No matter what design you choose, you can easily customize the shelves, racks and compartments to follow your lifestyle. 

Shoes can often be one of the greatest causes of closet clutter. If you don't want a vertical wall rack for your shoes like the one above, you can display your collection along horizontal shelves like the closet below. This adds a boutique look to your walk-in and keeps your shoes in good shape. If you choose a placement for shoes according to the season or occasion, keep a designated spot for everything from wedges to flats to boots. 

 Built-in wooden cabinets and drawers give you space to tuck away shoes and accessories that you don't wear often. Clear shelves and compartments are a convenient and time saving solution to make your morning routine simpler as you can keep everything close at hand and easy to find. You can stack these clear boxes on the floor and on shelves for a budget-friendly organized system. 

I hope these tips help you build your dream walk-in closet! How I wish I had the space to make my own!

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