Outfit - Metallic Tattoos

Whether it’s gold or silver, metallic tattoos are trending around the world. They have become a beauty and fashion phenomenon as they look like decorative gold and silver body jewelry in the form of stenciled-on delicate chain bracelets, laurel necklaces, and festival-ready feathers that seem to float across the skin. I've never been a fan of wearing jewelry so these are perfect for me as they have the shine of jewelry and the trendy appeal of tattoos.  I have been fascinated by metallic tattoos from the moment I discovered their existence almost a year ago but hadn't got a chance to get my hands upon them till I discovered the site metallic.tattoo. This site has a variety of curated designs that suit any occasion. Their shipping is fast and effective and the designs are really light on the pocket so you can mix and match designs that suit your style. All you need to apply these is water and they can be removed with baby oil easily. Here's how I wore my metallic tattoos -

As usual, these photos were shot by my friend Akshat. Check out his awesome work here.

Dress - Romwe
Tattoo - Metallic Tattoos
Body Chain - Forever 21
Bag - Promod
Shoes - Forever 21

I totally adore metallic tattoos! How do you like these? Aren't they amazing for beach holiday or a music festival?