Cute Car Accessories

I just realized that I never talk about my car though its my lifeline and I drive a long distance (approximately 40 kms) everyday. I really love driving and since my car was always driver driven and was given to me just a year ago, I've been wanting to do it up. You know what I mean, I wanna soup up my car with a NOS kit, air filters, get fancy rims and alloys, a mean ass grill and get a matte finish on it. My car's black and you all know how hot black matte paint looks on both nails and cars. Just kidding. I can't afford any of that. But here are a bunch of cute personalized car decor and accessories I found online and wouldn't mind owning. After all decorating your car's interiors gives you a feel good factor when you're on your way to work or home.  

I've always loved the combination of black and red and since I have a black car, these would look fabulous in my ride. The good thing about these colors is that besides looking so good, they also don't get dirty easily unlike light colored seats. One of my mom's cars has beige interiors and they get dirty so fast its not funny. I am a really messy person and don't get my car cleaned very often (from the inside) so these covers are just perfect for me. 

I don't really use maps very often but I am constantly playing dj in the car while I drive so I really need one of these holders that would keep the phone right in front of me while I switch tracks. Less distracting and handy (and hand shaped) haha!

Whether its your body, your house or your car, fragrance is always a good thing! My car often ends up smelling of beer or food so this ceramic lotus car fragrance is awesome. On top of that, its really pretty too. Which girl doesn't love flowers?

Again, a very handy product for any car. Besides your phone, you can also use it to stash your cash, cards or any other essentials you need while you're on the go. 

I'm not really fond of stickers on cars but I found this unique 3d creative car sticker pretty cool because it reminds me of the galaxy print trend. This will look fab on a black car!

What did you think of these? Would you like accessories for your car too or are you good with the way it is?