Apps Are The Future Of Fashion

I was using a Blackberry till about six months ago and was pretty happy with life without apps. My best friend told me that I would go 'crazy' once I switched to android, my fellow blogger friends told me how much I would love Instagram, yet I clung on to my blackberry, though I knew that as a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, there were loads of apps out there to help me out and get my blog more readers. Once I finally made the switch, I realized how right they were. Oh my god, there's an app for almost everything out there. And there is so much to benefit us bloggers. You all know the power of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus. But did you know that there's so much more? 

Whether I'm looking for outfit inspiration or shopping advice, I use numerous apps that help me with my fashion decisions.  Thanks to the millions of outfits that have been shared by fashion influencers from around the world, I can save my favorite looks and shop them too. There are many apps that let you share your style and favorite outfits with the world by snapping a pic and uploading them. You can take a photo of your outfit on a daily basis, tag brands and share a caption to accompany your photo. 

A common issue we all face when we shop alone is that there's no one to give us an opinion. And I''m pretty sure that, just like me most of you snap a picture and sent it to a friend for their opinion, via an app, of course. And then there's the most fun and important aspect of fashion - shopping! Apps have definitely changed the size of the trial room. The new room measures five inches or maybe a bit more, and is powered by a quad- or octa-core processor. Though much smaller than the conventional changing room of an apparel store, what smartphones will do for the fashion industry is like what Bruce Lee did for martial art movies. 

Fashion is the one of the fastest growing categories in online retail and at present, every third search term from India is fashion related, says a Google study. After all, now we can buy everything online right from luxury designer labels to fast fashion since mobile apps include new collections, limited edition products and even exclusive items. Users have the option to shop by brand, category or to browse through feed of products which can all be purchased in one single swipe. Apps even eliminate the painful process of online shopping checkouts, as they usually save your shipping and credit card info, allowing you to purchase the products with a simple swipe. If you're not ready to commit to a purchase, the items you love can be saved for later in a shopping cart with an easy tap. Fashion apps are not just useful but very engaging too. My personal favorite is an game app that lets me choose from real life collections from today’s top brands and dress up a model for a certain occasion. And once again, I can purchase the garment for myself in real life too. Developers are now coming up with features to track the social calendars of customers and advise them on what to wear on what occasion. How cool is that?  

Cashing on the power of apps, India's top online store - Myntra is shutting down its website and will be operating exclusively through the app. They have realized the fact that in today's world, the fashionable tech girl is always on the go (in designer shoes of course), so it makes sense to give her a seamless online shopping experience no matter where she is. Download their app to get the latest in fashion from an array of brands.

Needless to say, its pretty evident that apps are the future of fashion. Do you use any fashion apps? If yes, let me know in your comments below!