Perfume Review - Tender By All Good Scents

I recently discovered All Good Scents - an Indian website that retails a variety of perfumes for men and women. It may be easy to choose clothes and accessories online but when it comes to perfumes, even if you read lots of reviews and look it up on fragrantica, there's absolutely no guarantee that you will like the fragrance. However, when it comes to these guys, they were smart enough to have a little quiz on their site that will help you find a fragrance you like. If that doesn't work, you can buy their samples in a SCENTBOX so that you can use it for yourself and then decide what you want. How great is that? 

The perfume I got from them is Tender, a blend of floral scents, white flowers, mandarin, orange blossoms, jasmine, patchouli, rose, honey, cedar and vetiver. Tender comes in a simple glass box. This fragrance comes off as strong initially, but the intensity reduces with time as the top notes fade away. In spite of its yellow color, this perfume doesn't leave marks on clothes and is quite long lasting. With a price tag of just Rs 750, it is extremely affordable. You can buy it here 

I also got a SCENTBOX™ so that I could try out their other fragrances. 

SCENTBOX™ allows you to explore & try any 3 of their fragrance samples so its fantastic that you can smell and use the perfume before you buy the real deal. This comes at a price though! A mere Rs 165! Isn't that awesome? You can choose any perfumes and create your own SCENTBOX here.     

 I got Evoke, Chic and Love & Joy. I stash all three in my bag and alternate between them. Evoke is my favorite! It is a classy, sensual fragrance with predominant vanilla notes with a hint of sandalwood. I'm getting it once I'm done with Tender. 

Chic is really nice too. It has top notes of Cedar,Wild Hyacinth and Green Apple and has quite a chic smell.

I didn't like Love & Joy much. Maybe its the blend of the florals Freesia, Peony, Lily Of The Valley and Magnolia that my nose doesn't like. But then again, perfume is a very personal thing!

Overall, I totally recommend this website as it has a large range of reasonable fragrances and with the concept of Scentbox, you'll definitely find something you like without breaking the bank. Check it out now!