Unconventional Jewelry

Much to the dismay of my jewelry obsessed family, I'm not much of a jewelry person. I have a tiny collection you'd probably laugh at and I don't wear them very frequently either. In fact, you might have realized that by now if you've seen any of my outfit pics because I've never worn a necklace, earrings or even a ring in any of them. As much as I love and admire jewelry on others, I don't like wearing it myself. I've never liked earrings with my face so I stopped wearing them over a decade ago and one of my ear piercings has closed. So when I go to a traditional Indian family function or wedding, I actually just wear one earring! When it comes to the rest, a major contributor to me not wearing jewelry is the fact that I find it uncomfortable. I don't like bracelets dangling on my wrists, I hate the way long earrings feel, necklaces are tolerable to an extent, but I'll still take one off the moment I get into my car. The only things I can wear without a care is my belly ring because I can't feel it at all. So if I'm going on and on about not wearing jewelry, why am I doing a post on it? Because like I mentioned, I love one of a kind stuff! Give me unique jewelry like ear cuffs, body chains or anklets and I'll wear it all! Check out these fabulous pieces I found. Which one do you like the most?