Schwarzkopf - My Hair Heroes

My hair is a blessing and a nightmare. The good thing about it is that it's fine, soft and grows pretty fast. The bad part? Its a weird kind of wavy so I need to permanently straighten it every six months. And to top that, I have TONNES of grays so I also need to either color it darker or get lighter highlights to mask them. Because it grows pretty fast, I need to get color touch ups frequently and use a straightening iron for a couple of months every year till I get my hair chemically straightened again.
 Thanks to all these, my mane gets regular servings of heat, color and rebonding chemicals making them porous, coarse and unruly at times. And that's where my hair heroes from Schwarzkopf come into picture! As I mentioned in my previous posts, I use their BC Bonacure Repair Rescue range shampoo, conditioner and nourishing treatment and the Moisture Kick Beauty Balm. Besides these, I also use the Q10 Plus Time Restore Rejuvenating Serum and Volume Boost Perfect Foam so let me tell you a little more about these fantastic products. 

The first thing I must tell you about the Q10 Plus Time Restore Rejuvenating Serum is that this is NOT one of those silicone infused serums that instantly tame frizz and make your hair smooth immediately. Instead, it focuses on the scalp to restore elasticity, combat hair fall and stimulate the production of keratins to strengthen hair and repair signs of ageing. It has a water like consistency, is extremely light weight and needs be massaged over your scalp and hair.

It has a delicate floral scent which I've read is because it contains peony extracts. It also controls frizz, makes my hair soft to touch, but not the way silicone based serums do. I don't know if you knew this before, but silicone coats the hair shaft for a temporary sleek shiny finish, but prevents the real nutrients from conditioners to penetrate the hair shaft. So even though silicone based products make hair look and feel good, they aren't really doing anything to nourish it. 

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Volume Boost Perfect Foam is a de-tangling mousse that adds body and stability to fine hair. It features a nozzle that allows for easy application to the roots or lengths of hair. The formula lifts the roots when blow-drying, and leaves hair feeling fuller and looking shinier. To be honest, I use this product sparingly as I don't blow dry it very often. However, every time I've used it, I've had fabulous movie star like volume which is fantastic. 

This foam is incredibly lightweight so it won’t weigh your hair down and it’s completely silicone free so it don’t leave your roots looking greasy. It smells fabulous too, with a mild powdery fragrance. It sprays like white foam and goes transparent after a while and does not leave a white residue on hair.  Hair feels little hard to touch as the alcohol evaporates, but once you are comb it you won't feel a thing. I particularly recommend this product if you want more volume and frequently blow dry your hair! Its amazing!

I wish I could show you what my hair presently looks like as I am in dire need of a color touch-up but then again, I'd rather not! I've been contemplating going lighter than I last did (you can see my highlights here) but I'm pretty tanned right now because of my Goa trip, so I'll probably wait for my natural skin color to come back and then decide what to do! Which shade do you think I should go for? Do you have any suggestions? Also, let me know if you've used any of these products and what you think of them!

Thanks for reading! Come back soon!