Outfit - Valentine Roses

I was supposed to post this look on Valentine's Day but I ended up going for a totally unplanned trip to the beautiful Goa immediately after shooting these photos. For those of you how don't know about it, Goa is India's little slice of hippie paradise known for its swaying palms, white sands and sparkling waters. Filled with beautiful beaches, delicious sea food, laid back beach shacks, psy parties and people from all around the world, Goa is definitely my favorite place in India. I went there after many years (and I also took a holiday after many years) so I had a blast chilling by the beach, swimming in the sea and pigging out on fresh prawns and calamari! Anyway, here's a very late Valentine's day look featuring a beautiful lace dress from Chicnova.

Dress : Chicnova
Shoes : Forever 21

These photos were taken by my stunning friend Natasha! Check out her blog here. We had a blast shooting!