Outfit - Casual Pastels

I've had color phases throughout my life. There was a time when I only liked wearing red and white, a time where I was partial to light blue and pink and then another when I wore mostly bright colors and so on. However, in the recent couple of years, the colors that appeal to me the most are pastel shades of beige and blush pink and the quintessential black and white. Of late, almost everything I have bought in the past year or so has been in one of these colors. After all the years of wearing bright colors, I really like these for a change. I was in Delhi (the capital of India) last month for my BFFs wedding, and every time I go there, I make sure I shop till I drop because the stores there have the best stock in the entire country! So during this shopping spree, I found this romper and these nude wedges at Forever 21 and this lovely bag at Promod, all in my favorite kinda shades!  

Romper - Forever 21
Shoes - Forever 21
Bag - Promod (Item link here)
Watch - Born Pretty Store (Item link here)
Sunglasses - Vogue Eyewear 

This is a nice casual and comfortable look for a hot and sunny day. Which pretty much defines every day in India barring the rainy season :) 

These pics were taken by my friend Akshat who also shot my Skeletor look. Check out his work here