Zoeva Eyeshadows + Milanoo Brushes

Although I don't wear a lot of makeup, I feel that eye shadow is essential for a glamorous evening look and had been wanting to get some for over a year but kept forgetting about it. I guess God was keeping a watch and my subconscious prayers were answered when the good folks at Luxola sent me a beautiful eye shadow palette which has loads of fabulous colors making it perfect for both day and night. Now that I had eye shadows, brushes were essential and I was lucky enough to find a wonderful set on Milanoo.

For those of you who don't know, Luxola is the #1 Online Beauty Destination in Southeast Asia and stocks an array of cosmetics by acclaimed brands worldwide.

The palette I got is by a German brand called Zoeva (which I had never heard of) but was delighted to read tons of rave reviews about it. This one's called Love is a Story and contains neutral and colorful shadows in a range of matte, iridescent and satin shades. The texture is silky and the colors have intense pigmentation. I've used it just once but absolutely loved the colors and staying power.

The Love is a Story palette is really sleek and lightweight which makes it very travel friendly too. Its rated the best out of other Zoeva palettes and is really reasonable for the quality and quantity. Another bonus is that a couple of shades from it are MAC dupes too! Its definitely worth buying! You can check out all the rave reviews online if you don't believe me! 

Now, for great makeup, you need the right tools— and this arsenal of cute pink brushes is just perfect. These cute pink brushes are specifically designed for every part of the makeup process from eyes and cheeks to lips and brows. 

What's in the box? 
• Large fan-shaped powder brush • Small fan-shaped powder brush • Large powder brush • Powder & blush brush • Large beveled contour brush • Foundation brush • Highlight brush • Nose shadow brush • Concealer brush • Lip brush • Large eye shadow brush • 2 medium eye shadow brushes • Eye shadow brush • Medium beveled eye shadow brush • 2 small eye shadow brushes • Medium beveled eyebrow/eye shadow brush • Small beveled eyebrow/eye shadow brush • Beveled eyebrow/eyeliner brush • Sponge eye shadow brush • Eyebrow & eyelash comb • Eyelash brush • Fine eyeliner brush • Vegan leather case

With the amount of makeup I wear, its safe to say that these brushes are going to last me this lifetime!

 This set is great quality all the brushes are really soft and have good quality bristles and the case is nice as well. Each brush is individually wrapped to ensure that they don't fray. Its also extremely cheap for the quality and quantity so you get great value for the price. Its definitely worth every penny!

You can get them here - http://www.milanoo.com/product/sweet-pink-wool-material-24-pcs-professional-make-up-brush-set-p257410.html

I love both products to bits and totally recommend you to get them too!