Outfit - Boho Vibe

I've always gravitated towards boho fashion and absolutely adore maxi dresses. Combine that with cutouts and I'm sold. When I saw this dress on Rosegal, I just knew I had to have it. Unfortunately the image on their site is completely misleading as the dress displayed on it is a light blue flowy chiffon while what I got is the same design but in a thick fabric in mint so I was fairly disappointed. I guess we've all faced such situations when the product doesn't turn out to be the same as the photo on the site. But I think its okay as long as its wearable and you haven't spent a bomb on it. Getting back to the dress, in spite of my disappointment, I got a lot of compliments for it though I kept joking that it looks like a hospital gown made for a Bollywood film. 

Once again, these pictures were shot by my friend Akhil who's done a fabulous job as you can see in the edited ones. How do you like this look?