Best Multi Cuisine Restaurants In Pune

Besides my love for fashion, I am also a huge foodie and dine out on a very regular basis. The city of Pune (where I live) has a cosmopolitan and diverse population consisting of localites, a large student population from all around of the world, working professionals from all across India and lots of expats with a significant number of German, Korean and Japanese professionals. Thanks to this, the city has a large variety of cuisines to offer. So here is a post that lists the best multi cuisine restaurants in Pune!

One of the most celebrated dining destinations in the city, Malaka Spice offers an array of delicious South East Asian cuisine bursting with innovation and creativity. Many of the fresh and unusual menu options are unique fusion dishes and traditional dishes that have been modernized by Chef Cheeru. More intricate Asian-fusion dishes from Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Burma are served in the expansive dining room and al fresco areas. I have been going here on a regular basis for almost a decade and it remains my favorite restaurant in the city.

Stone Water Grill offers an exquisite dining experience with luscious dishes and great service in the one of the most ambient settings in the city. A meal here is not conventional, but a masterpiece of flavor, design and an elaborate preparation. Chef Shailendra Kekade has designed a very innovative menu that consists of fusion European dishes with contrasting textures and flavors. For connoisseurs of great food, Stone Water Grill is the undisputed winner for fine dining in Pune.

The moment you enter Habibi, you get a feel of the Middle East. Whether you're out on a romantic dinner or hanging out with friends or with your family, this place enthralls you with its delicious food, drinks and an amazing atmosphere charged with signature Arabic music. The menu offers both Arabic and Indian cuisine, both of which do not fail to impress. The large, open interiors steal the show, especially in the evenings when the place comes alive with vibrant Middle Eastern music and lights. Just been here a couple of times but there's something about this place which makes me add it to the list.

Chef Dario Dezio definitely knows how to whip up a lavish spread fit for any connoisseur of good food. As the menu says, the food at Darios is cooked with love and that definitely reflects in its taste. In spite of being vegetarian, the food is heavenly (and this is coming from a hardcore carnivore). Moving on to the ambience, the outdoor seating area is pleasant and inviting all throughout the day and is quite romantic for dinner. The place is frequented by members of the Osho commune, expats, kitty party aunties and youngsters and families, proving that its fit for just about anyone to relax and enjoy great Italian food. If you love Italian food, you just have to go to Darios.

Offering an elegant decor and a menu that leaves you spoilt for choice with a large number of French Continental dishes, Arthur's Theme offers a wonderful culinary experience. Their staff is extremely courteous and has good knowledge about the menu as the dishes have very unconventional names based on famous kings and queens. The food is delicious and the presentation is very nice too.

So these were my favorite restaurants in Pune. Are you a foodie too? What kind of cuisine do you like the most?