Spa Review - The Four Fountains Spa

The Four Fountains Spa is India’s largest chain of affordable day spas. They have numerous spas spread out over many cities with therapies for de-stressing, detoxification, immunity and beauty for men and women. The therapies include over 20 body massages, body polishes, body wraps and facials. I recently visited their Wanowrie branch and experienced a couple of their services. 

After my BFF's bachelorette weekend, I was really tanned because of spending all day in the pool under the sun. So I was in dire need of some exfoliation and treatment as my face was now caramel and my arms were a muddy brown! I decided to go for their Ladies Sojourn Classic package which is a great combination of relaxation and beauty as it comprises of a relaxing Aromatherapy Massage followed by a Coffee & Cane Sugar Body Polish and a Facial.

As I entered the spa, I was greeted and an in-house doctor asked me a couple of questions about my lifestyle, stress levels, health, and sleep patterns. After that I was escorted by the therapist to the room. As usual, I asked for medium pressure because the combination of light pressure and an aromatherapy massage can make you feel really sleepy!  The therapist was trained in Kerala Ayurveda massage too so her techniques were an interesting combination of many movements. She was very sweet and being the chatty person I am, we ended up talking a lot as I told her that I wanted to remain awake and energized during the treatment. I explained my concerns of the tan I had so when we moved on to the Cane and Sugar body scrub, she did a great job and my skin felt amazingly smooth after the scrub.

The items used for the facial
To get rid of the tan on my face, I went for a lightening facial. The best part about the facial was that at the end when she applied the face mask on me, she gave me a mini foot massage which felt out of this world! Absolute bliss! :)

Finally when it was done, I headed back to the reception area where I was given a prescription booklet which consisting of the regime, diet, lifestyle and exercises they recommend me to follow for well being along with a card offering me a complimentary mini service the next time I visited and a small stress reliving balm. 

Overall, I had a great experience at the Four Fountains Spa. Unlike other spas, they are very very affordable so you don't really need to even think twice before indulging here. The ambience, the staff, the masseur and treatments are all good and I will definitely visit again. A major bonus for me is that its also pretty close to my house! If you live in India and have a Four Fountains spa in your city, I totally recommend you to try it out!