Piccing - New look & Features!

Remember I spoke of a fashion and style app called Piccing last month? The app that lets you locate the things you want within the images you love? Now they have a brand new website with a user-friendly and more enjoyable experience. 

Here’s what you need to know now:

You can still upload and share images from your mobile, tablet or computer’s library and directly from websites. You’ll just need to drag & drop the new ‘Share it on Piccing’ bookmark to your bookmarks bar.

When uploading an image from a website the green plus icon has now been replaced with pink heart icon. Because who doesn’t need a little extra love in their life?

You can picc items you love within these images. Once an image has been uploaded to your profile, by clicking on the green ‘picc it’ button you can select up to 5 items you want within an image.

You can find similar items and see exactly where to get them. Once you’ve provided a description, suitable category and color of an item —a selection of similar items will be displayed in a pop up menu.

You can click through to a direct link to purchase items. Once you’ve selected the item you would like to purchase you’ll be redirected where to buy that item.

Here’s what you’ll be able to do in a few weeks:

Update your profile picture. Your existing profile image will be pulled from the original website, but don’t fret you’ll be able to change this soon.

Add your location and city. If you’re in Cali or Cape Town you can now add your location to your profile. This way, you’ll be able to follow fellow picc’rs from around the world.

You can remove and edit your individual piccs soon. This will help you to make changes or Edit or delete a picc.  updates to piccs whenever you like.

You’ll be able to select individual categories when following users. This will help to streamline your image feed to include only the things you love.

All these changes are set to happen over the next couple of weeks. Great news right? So just sign up on Piccing right now and start piccing!