Piccing - Fashion & Style App

Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram, we often find ourselves drooling over a certain outfit or accessory but it can be quite a mission to find where to buy it. But now, to make life easier for us, there is a new site called Piccing which offers a shopping experience which makes every item in an image accessible. It is a platform for users to collect, categorize and organize images of all the things they love —with a direct link to purchase the products within these images —from their desktops and mobile phones. 

This site/ app enables you to login, and choose categories you're interested in. Besides fashion, they have home decor, baby, beauty, crafts, architecture and much more to choose from!

Now I'm always glued to my pc (yeah, I'm kinda old fashioned) but for most of you cellphone addicts, they have an app too! Here's how it works: Download the free app. After making a profile, you can "picc" pictures from the homepage or from browsing all of the various categories. Piccing a picture means that it's on your profile (much like pinning a picture to your Pinterest board). You can also search for any kind of picture imaginable using the search bar, like lipstick or braid. If you want to add a picture, you can upload one on the website or from the app. 

Some of the pictures are also "marked" with little orange circles. This means that you can tap a mark and browse similar items, like a floral kimono or a maxi dress. See something you like in a picture? Tap the mark, browse the items, click on any item you want, and it will take you to the site where you can buy it. 

Wait – there’s more! You can upload your own images to the Piccing App to share your style/finds so it is an amazing tool to show off your personal style.

So basically, Piccing is a fun Pinterest-like app where you can picc pictures of inspiration for later and also buy similar items all in one app. It's easy to use and browse. Try it out and let me know what you think!