Outfit - Kimono Crush

When I was a kid, a neighbor had gifted me an authentic silk kimono from Japan which I wore to every costume party thanks to which I walked away with the first prize every time. A few years ago, it struck me that I could wear my kimono as a really cool jacket but to my dismay, my mom had already given it away. 

I guess the fashion gods were listening and suddenly, the traditional Japanese robe was back in stores with a modern twist! I love all things oriental and all things boho so now that my dream came true, what did I do? Well, lets just say I have five kimonos in my closet! However, a lot of people are confused about how to style one so here I am sharing some ideas and showing you how I like wearing mine.
Lets give you some tips now -

  • Kimonos are a great way to make a simple outfit interesting. You can wear them over dresses, shorts, rompers, pants and skirts (Click here to see how I wore one over a skirt. I personally prefer them with shorts though)
  • Whether you choose silk, cotton, lace, fringe, no-fringe, long, short, neutral, bright, animal print, or tribal, a kimono adds a boho vibe to any outfit (I LOVE all things boho). 
  • If you're wearing a top, dress or romper with prints, I'd recommend a solid colored kimono on top and vice versa. (I NEED TO STOP talking about myself in brackets)
  • A kimono also doubles as a swimsuit coverup! Perfect for the beach or poolside.
  • You can even belt it for a different silhouette or loosely tie it in front for a unique look (short kimonos only, of course!) 
  • Wear your kimono with wide-leg or flare jeans for a seriously boho look with a ’70s vibe

And that is the end of Kimono class!

So here are two different looks I've created by throwing on beautiful kimonos  over a basic cami and cute crochet shorts . I accessorized with a fringed bag (I love all things fringe) and my favorite sunglasses and a pair of peep toe booties.




Though I'm more partial to the floral fringe kimono but there's no denying that the plain one looks really lovely too! Which outfit do you prefer?