Bonusbay - Shop Online and Get Cash Back!

There are two types of people, those who spend money online and those who spend wisely online and get additional discount and rebates. There's Nina who spent 20,000 rupees last month on Flipkart and bought herself a new phone. On the same day, Farah ordered the same phone on Flipkart but along with the phone, she also received a 200 Rs gift bonus with no additional hassle. How did that happen?

It happened because Farah did not go directly to the Flipkart website but went to - a free service that helps you get money back on your online purchases on over 500 stores including Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong, Pizzahut and more. This is exactly what I do when I shop online and save money with every purchase I make thanks to Bonusbay.

Here is what you should do:

1. Go to
2. Register by providing just contact details
3. Click on the store of your choice on the Bonusbay site and make the purchase as you do. There is hardly anything you cannot find it there!
4. Bonusbay gets to know how much you spent on the shop and deposits the gift money in your account
5. As soon as you have 1000 rupees in your account you can withdraw it or you can consider it as piggybank and make your savings there
6. Always remember to spend wiser!

By the way, now Mrs Gupta is also a Bonusbay user and visits her favorite online stores via Last month she saved Rs. 500 on her online purchases. So what are you waiting for?

At this point, there are numerous brands in different categories like beauty, health, fashion, electronics, home & lifestyle, grocery, kids, entertainment and many more which are a part of So make sure to check this website before you make any purchases online! And here's a special bonus for all my readers, just go to and get a welcome bonus of Rs 250 for your online purchases through it!