Slideshows made Easy With Fotor

Remember me mentioning a a fun photo editor which lets you add text, filters and lots of cool effects to your photos? Yes, Fotor, and they're back with a fantastic new feature that lets you create slideshows within a few minutes with just a few clicks!  Just choose your favorite photos, and make an animated slideshow with music that you can send to everyone! You can add photos from your Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox or your computer. To use your Facebook photos, you must first log in using Facebook after which, Fotor lets you choose photos from you albums for the slideshow.

This super powerful feature lets you edit your photos in one touch and make them pump with music. When creating your slideshow, you have the choice between 9 different settings which you can preview too. If you hover over each icon, you will see an option to preview that style so you can hear the music and see the differences in how photos transition from one to another.

 You can change between the different themes before saving your slideshow. After you’ve chosen all of the photos you want to include in your slideshow, you can then have them shuffled into a random order or you can move them around to the order of your preference by dragging them left or right. When you are finished, you click on the red “Go” button to the right of the photos you chose and you’ll be able to preview your slideshow. You are able to go back and make any changes you would like if you’d like to tweak it a little. You can also share these easily with your friends via your social media channels with a link!

I'm going for a mini vacation for my best friend's bachelorette next week so I'm definitely using the slideshow to create a montage of our time! But till I post that one, check out my Slideshow here

Try the Fotor slideshow creator! Its loads of fun!